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Who can file a wrongful death claim in Georgia?

The loss of a loved one can bring detrimental consequences for any family, especially if the loss is unexpected or the result of a tragic situation. There is no way to be prepared for this type of event, and it can lead to financial struggles for the entire family. If you recently lost a loved one, you may find yourself with immense emotional pain, the loss of an income that you relied on and other complications. If this loss was the result of the reckless or negligent actions of another person, there are legal options available to you.

It is possible you have grounds to pursue legal action through a civil claim. While a wrongful death claim cannot reverse what happened to you, it can provide you with the compensation you need to pick up the pieces and move forward. It may be beneficial for you to learn if this is a practical step for your Pennsylvania family during this difficult time of grief and adjustment.

Details of the wrongful death process

Not everyone who lost a loved one can file a wrongful death claim. Certain elements must be present in your situation in order to qualify. However, these types of claims are time sensitive, and you will benefit from seeking an understanding of your options in a timely manner. The following individuals may have grounds to file a wrongful death claim:

  • A surviving spouse
  • A surviving child, if there is no spouse
  • Administrator or executor of the estate, if there are no surviving kids or spouse

In the state of Georgia, you must file most wrongful claim actions within two years of the death. However, if the estate has not yet gone through probate, the statute of limitations can extend to five years. If there is a criminal case related to the wrongful death, the statute of limitations will begin as soon as the court resolves the criminal case.

Is this right for your family?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to navigating the aftermath of a tragic accident that resulted in the loss of a loved one. If you think your family may have grounds to seek recovery through a wrongful death action, you may benefit from seeking an assessment of your potential case and an explanation of the legal options available to you.