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Did a dangerous consumer product cause you harm?

When you purchase an item from a store, take medication prescribed by your doctor or eat food purchased from your local grocery store, you are likely not thinking about the ways these things can cause you harm. Unfortunately, however, consumer products are sometimes harmful. You may be someone who experienced problems as the result of a dangerous consumer product, but you may not be certain who is to blame or what you should do next.

If you suffered due to a dangerous consumer product, you do not have to suffer through the aftermath alone. There are legal options available to Georgia consumers who experienced harm because of a dangerous product. You may benefit from an explanation of how product liability claims work and what you can do to seek justice as a victim.

Who is to blame?

With any type of civil claim, it is important to identify the liable party. This is not always easy in a product liability case as there are multiple parties that may be accountable for the issues that resulted in the product causing harm to you. A careful assessment of the situation, including medical documentation, details about the product and more, can determine if any of the following may be the responsible party:

  • Designer of the product
  • Manufacturer of the product
  • Company that assembled the product
  • Party that installed the product
  • Wholesaler of the product
  • Store that sold the product to the consumer

The specific issues with a consumer product that results in harm to a consumer can be due to faults in the design, issues with the manufacture of the product, the use of faulty parts and more.

Issues with marketing

Sometimes, the danger of a consumer product does not lie with the product itself but with the way the company markets the product to consumers. It is critical for all packaging to explain risks of misuse, possible hazards associated with the product and potential side effects. Failure to explain proper use and clearly label packaging with easy-to-understand instructions could lead to preventable harm and detrimental effects on the individuals who use the product.

Know your options

Product liability cases are complex. If you believe your suffering is the result of dangers associated with a consumer product you used, you will benefit from speaking with a professional regarding your options. While it may seem like a daunting prospect, it is possible to hold a manufacturer or other parties accountable for your pain and suffering. Through a civil claim, you may be able to recoup losses, seek justice and move forward after a traumatic event.