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Design vs. manufacturing defect in a products liability claim

When you purchase a consumer product, you do so with the assumption that the item you bought is safe for public use and will not cause you harm. In fact, you probably give very little thought to the safety of something you can pick up off the shelf at the store and use for yourself or your family. However, consumer products are not always safe, and they sometimes cause harm to innocent consumers. If you suffered harm due to an unsafe product, what you experienced is not your fault. 

You will benefit from understanding the legal options available to you. One of these may include seeking compensation through a products liability claim. This is a civil claim that allows you to hold parties accountable for their negligence at different stages of the product development and manufacturing process. First, it will be helpful to learn if your injury was the result of a design defect or a manufacturing defect. 

Defects in a consumer product 

If you believe you or your family suffered because of a faulty or dangerous consumer product, a civil claim is a reasonable course of action. However, it is helpful to first identify the source of the problem with the product. The issue could be the result of a defect in different parts of the product development process, including manufacturing and design. These defects can impact the consumer in different ways: 

  • Design defect — Design defects are issues with the actual design and development of the product. Even a simple mistake or miscalculation can result in significant safety concerns for the product users. Design defects are not always apparent until the product is in use. 
  • Manufacturing defect — This is a mistake made during the process of making the product. It could be the result of using low-quality components, poor workmanship or misinterpretation of the design instructions. 

The claimant bears the burden of proof in a products liability case. In order to be successful in your products liability claim, you will have to prove that the product had a fault or defect that resulted in your physical harm. These types of civil claims are complicated, and you may benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney as you explore your options. Through the civil justice system, you may be able to claim reasonable compensation and recovery.