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Distracted driving is a pressing safety concern on Georgia roads

When a driver sits behind the wheel of a vehicle, that individual is accountable for the decisions he or she makes. Driving is a tremendous responsibility, and even a moment of inattention or lapse in judgment can have devastating consequences. Distracted driving is a common way that drivers act negligently, and this action has become one of the most pressing safety concerns on Georgia roads. It is a leading cause of accidents and often impacts other innocent drivers and passengers. 

Distraction can happen in many different ways, and it comes in different forms. While the use of phones, such as texting, is one of the most common types of distracted driving, it is not the only one. Understanding this problem and why it happens may provide you with the tools you need to stay as safe as possible, or what you can do to shield your interests after a distraction-related accident. 

Types of distraction drivers may experience 

There are different types of distractions, and they can affect drivers in ways that are unique to the individual. Each driver should be able to recognize when distraction is happening and work to prevent it. The main types of distraction include: 

  • Cognitive distraction – This happens when a driver’s mind is on something besides the task at hand, even if hands are on the wheel and eyes are on the road. 
  • Visual distraction – This happens when a driver takes his or her eyes off the road, even for a second. 
  • Auditory distraction – This happens when a driver is listening to something that causes the mind to lose focus on the road. 
  • Manual distraction – This happens when a driver removes one hand from the wheel, such as to the type of text or adjust the radio. 

Phones are particularly dangerous because they can cause multiple types of distraction simultaneously. Even hands-free systems can lead to dangerous levels of distraction. 

Are you a victim of a distraction-related accident? 

If you are suffering because of another driver’s actions, distraction could be to blame. An assessment of your accident could help you understand what factors may have played a role in what happened to you and how you can seek to hold the responsible party accountable. The civil justice system provides you the opportunity to seek justice in the form of reasonable damages and appropriate financial compensation.